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Ambassador's Speeches

by the Russian Ambassador TO BOTSWANA
Igor S. Liakin-Frolov
on the occasion of
the 60th Anniversary
of the end of the Second World War

May 10, 2005

I will be short today. Everything practically was already said at the opening ceremony of the Photo-exhibition at the National Museum of Botswana, which was attended by the majority present here. A few words I would like to add only.

On May 9 solemn celebrations on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War took place on the Red Square in Moscow. They were organized in accordance with UN Resolution 59/26 declaring May 8-9 as the Days of Remembrance and Reconciliation and calling all the member-states to observe annually either one of those dates to pay tribute to all victims of the War. At the invitation of President V. Putin leaders of more than 50 states and heads of major international organizations have arrived in Moscow to participate in these festive events. We thank them for coming to Moscow and demonstrating by that their solidarity with Russia and the Russian people who made a decisive contribution to the defeat of fascism. I think that everybody will agree with me that it was a colorful and memorable event. It is also very symbolic that today the Russian President and the leaders of the European Union member-states have signed an agreement on “Road Maps”, which open a way for creation of the joint European space in the interest of both sides.

The Russian Embassy in cooperation with the National Museum of Botswana also made their own contribution to mark this anniversary by having organized the Photo Exhibition commemorating the jubilee date. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated particularly to the participation of Batswana in the Second World War. It is of a special pleasure to us that a group of Batswana war veterans also attended the event.

I hope that the commemorations in Moscow have achieved their goal. They reminded to the leaders of all the states about their responsibility for the fait of the mankind and the necessity of consolidating of all countries and peoples in the face of the global challenges of the XXI century. In conclusion I would like you to join me in a toast to friendship between peoples of all the countries, to international peace and security.