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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia for fans

The World Cup is a global football festival, which is expected by millions of fans around the world, and providing them with quality services is one of the key tasks in organizing a tournament. A) Visa-free entry / Passport of the fan (FAN ID)

Passport fan - FAN ID - is issued after purchasing a ticket to the World Cup and is a necessary document for the passage to the stadium for all categories of spectators without exception. FAN ID - is a personalized document, which indicates the name, there is a photo and a magnetic strip with the data of the owner.

Foreigners Passport fan gives the right to visa-free entry to Russia for a period that begins 10 days before the first match and will end in ten days after the last match of the tournament.

  • The information on the migration legislation and foreign spectators registration with the police in the period of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ holding
  • In addition, the FAN ID entitles you to free travel during the tournament in the host cities and between them (more on this - below).

    The Fan Passport system was used for the first time during the Confederations Cup and proved its effectiveness both as a tool for visa-free entry into the country and as a tool for controlling access to stadiums (447 693 Passports of the fan were issued, of which about 30 000 were issued to foreigners).

    The Fan Passport is recommended to make out in advance. Foreign fans can register and receive FAN ID free of charge by mail delivery, courier delivery to one of the visa centers, as well as to some Rossotrudnichestvo branches located abroad. Russian fans can get a FAN ID in the centers of the Passport of the fan in the cities-organizers or order delivery to one of the post offices.

    The passport of a foreign citizen, applying for Fan ID, should be valid at least till July 25, 2018. In this case there is no need to receive a new passport

    All the necessary information on the Passport fan, including the application, receipt and delivery is available on the site

    B) Free travel

    For the viewers of the World Championship there will also be a free ride system. It consists of two main parts:

    • free travel between the cities-organizers on additional trains;

    • free travel on the days of matches on public transport in

    To obtain the right to free travel in both cases, the viewer must have a ticket for the match or a document confirming possession of it, as well as the Fan Pass (FAN ID).

    To familiarize with rules of granting of service of free travel and to book tickets for trains it is possible on a site https://tick.ets.transport2018.sot/. For free travel of fans between the cities-organizers, more than 700 additional trains are planned, which will be able to transport over 400,000 passengers.

    In addition, on the day of the match, spectators will be provided with a free public transportation service (buses, trolley-buses, trams, metro, commuter trains and Aeroexpresses).

    The free-of-charge service between the cities-organizers was used and highly in demand during the Confederation Cup, during which 262 free trains were sent. In total, 52,954 fans took advantage of the free-ride service, of which 5,127 were foreign fans from 100 countries. B) Accommodation

    All guests of the World Championship have the opportunity to choose and book their accommodation in hotels independently through all available sales channels, including:

    - on the FIFA website (;

    - on the official tourist portal of the Organizing Committee (;

    - through the authorized FIFA placement operator - "MATCH Accommodation" (by phone in Moscow +7 499 658 2010);

    - through other Russian and international online hotel booking systems, as well as directly in hotels.

    In addition, the Organizing Committee provides information support in the area of accommodation by informing about contact persons in the cities-

    D) Ticket program

    The tournament ticket program is entirely owned and implemented exclusively by FIFA. Ticket sales for the World Cup started on September 14, 2017. There are four categories of tickets in the lineup, with tickets of the fourth category - the cheapest - available only for Russian citizens.

    To date, fans can apply for tickets for any match (except for the opening match and the final of the tournament). Tickets purchased by spectators during the first two stages of sales (until April 3, 2018 inclusive) will be delivered to the owners free of charge within a few weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

    The last opportunity to purchase tickets for matches (including opening and final matches) will appear during the "Last minute" sales phase in order of the first order (from April 18 to July 15, 2018). At this stage it will be possible to purchase tickets not only on the FIFA website, but also at the ticket offices of the Main FIFA ticket centers in the host cities.

    For more information on filing applications, ticket products, sales stages, please visit the FIFA website ( In addition, you can contact the support service of the Ticket Center of the FIFA World Championship by calling the hotline: +7 (495) 787 20 18 for residents of the Russian Federation or +4 (144) 563 20 18 for foreign citizens.

    Currently, about 5 million applications for tickets have been submitted. The largest number of applications came from Russian football fans (about 2.5 million). In addition, among the leaders - fans from Germany (338 thousand tickets), Argentina (186 thousand tickets), Mexico (154 thousand tickets), Brazil (140 thousand tickets), Poland (128 thousand tickets), Spain ( 110 thousand tickets), Peru (100 thousand tickets) of Colombia (87 thousand tickets), the United States (87 thousand tickets) and Holland (71 thousand tickets) (49% of all tickets were requested by fans from abroad).

    D) Festival of fans FIFA ™

    Festival fans FIFA ™ (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is the official place of public viewing of World Cup matches. The official Festival program was first launched in 2006, during the World Championships in Germany. The total number of spectators who visited the Festival sites at the last World Cup in 2014 in Brazil exceeded 5 million people.

    In Russia, the festivals will be organized in all 11 host cities, the venue is already defined: the Vorobyovy Gory in Moscow, the Stables area and part of the Champ de Mars in St. Petersburg, the central squares and popular rest areas in all other cities (with a full list of site addresses see the FIFA website at:

    Access to Festivals is free for all comers.

    E) Information services of the Organizing Committee

    For the fans of the World Championship, the Organizing Committee has created and is actively developing the tourist portal, where you can get the most useful and capacious information about the tournament itself, about the host cities, and plan your stay in Russia. The portal is conducted in 5 languages, and already today the share of foreign visitors to the portal is about 30%.

    In addition, a free public Wi-Fi network will be established at all World Championship stadiums. During the Confederations Cup, this service was widely in demand by viewers (more than 55,000 fans used the service).