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Visa information


Please, read carefully!

When applying, please, be advised that the permission to enter Russia is a courtesy of the State.

In accordance with the International Law, the Consular Section in certain cases reserves the right to consider your visa applications for as long as it feels necessary.

Visa can be denied if the Consular Section has serious reasons to believe that the Applicant's visit to Russia is not desirable, and the disclosure of the reason for the denial can be withheld.

Visa processing fees received from the applicants are not subject to reimbursement in case of subsequent refusal.


Every foreign citizen (except citizens of the CIS states*) needs a visa to go to Russia.

Entry-Exit Visa is valid for one visit to Russia with the specified dates of arrival and departure.

Double-entry Visa is issued for two entries (all arrival and departure dates must be indicated).

Multiple Re-entry Visa is issued only upon authorization by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A Transit Visa permits to travel through the Russian territory without stay (in accordance to your tickets, issued for up to 72 hours, if you travel by air, or for up to 10 days, if using other means of transportation)

All invitations issued by representations of foreign companies or other foreign institutions in Russia or by Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Corps in Russia must be processed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, which issues a letter of invitation or sends a visa support cable directly to the Consular Section.

Travelers (excluding applicants for a multiple visa) planning to stay in Russia for a period of more than 90 days must attach a copy of an HIV test certificate to their application papers. No medical insurance is officially required, unless you stay in Russia for 6 months or more. Prior to your visit, consult your medical insurance issuer for details.


Please, note that drop-off day is not included in the processing period. Visa processing period begins only after we collected all the documents required.

All visa documents must be accompanied with a cover letter specifying dates of arrival and departure, cities to be visited in Russia and telephone or facsimile number to reach you at.

Since we process your visa by computer, please follow a specific pattern when submitting your papers. The copy of the passport page should be trimmed to the size of the original and stapled to the upper left-hand corner of application form. Two pictures should be stapled to the copy of the passport page and one to the marked space in the upper right-hand corner of the application form. Your visa processing speed depends on it!

Please, note that Consular Officer reserves the right to invite the Applicant to be interviewed in person.

For a Tourist Visa, please, submit:

  1. A letter of confirmation and a tourist voucher from the Russian travel agency, Russian hotel or Russia-based joint venture must be submitted. Receiving organization should be duly registered as a tourist company with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and assigned a special reference number. This reference number should be indicated on the confirmation form (*Please, note that according to the Russian Consular regulations hotel reservation alone is not sufficient to obtain a tourist visa. **Russian tourist visa cannot be issued for a period longer than one month, however it can be extended later, when you are in Russia, through your travel agency or your hotel. ***Upon arrival, foreign tourists should register their visas through hotel administration).
  2. Original or copy of your valid passport or other travel document (however, we reserve the right to request the original). Applicants with diplomatic passports should submit both copy and the original.
  3. Signed and dated Visa Application Form # 95 filled out in English or Russian.
  4. Three identical passport size photos signed on the back.
  5. Visa processing fee made payable to the Russian Embassy in cash.

For a Business Visa, please submit:

A letter of invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry or its Regional Representative Offices, or from the Ministry of the Interior or its local offices or from a Russian host company (the latter must be printed on the company letterhead and must contain official round seal and legal address of the agency, invitation letter registration number, date of the letter registration, signature and the name of the official authorized to invite foreign citizens on behalf of the company, travel itinerary, dates of stay, full names and dates of birth of the persons invited).

Business visa requirements:

  1. Passport (its validity must cover the whole period of intended staying in Russia);
  2. 2 photographs (black&white or color);
  3. Completly filled out visa application form (note that missing data can be the reason for rejecting the documents);
  4. Medical insurance for the period of staying in the Russian Federation;

An official invitation is to be organized by the inviting company through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (its Consular Department)or if the company is located not in Moscow - throught the nearest representation office of the Ministry. Since it is issued by the Ministry the inviting company must send the original of it to the applicant. Visa can be issued only on the basis of the original of the invitation;

Otherwise the company can request the Ministry to organize a telex-confirmation, coming directly to our Consular office.

For a Private Visa:

The original invitation called "Izveschenie" (notification), which can be obtained by any Russian citizen from a local OVIR (Russian Immigration Service) office.

A private visa is granted only for a single trip to Russia.

Visitor's/private visa requirements

  1. Passport (its validity must cover the whole period of intended staying in Russia);
  2. 2 photographs (black&white or color);
  3. Completly filled out visa application form (note that missing data can be the reason for rejecting the documents);
  4. Medical insurance for the period of staying in the Russian Federation;
  5. Inviting person, Russian citizen* must appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the so called OVIR office) in order to organize an official invitation - "IZVESCHENIE". Only an original of it is accepted when lodging a visa application;

* if inviting person is a foreigner, currently residing in Russia (working by contract, diplomatic agent), then the invitation must be organized through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For a Transit Visa:

The visa of the country of destination and a copy of the air, railway or other ticket with "OK" status (required).

Transit visa requirements

  1. Passport (its validity must cover the whole period of intended staying in Russia);
  2. 2 photographs (black&white or color);
  3. Completly filled out visa application form (note that missing or wrong data can be the reason for rejecting the documents);
  4. Visa of the country of final destignation;
  5. Airway ticket to Russia and from Russia to the country of final destignation.

 Please note: transit visa can not be valid for more than 3 days.

Electronic Visa Application
You can find electronic visa application form on our website:

Before you start completing the application form please make sure that you have access to/are in possession of the following:

Internet browser, which supports 128-bit encryption with operating JavaScript. Our website currently supports Internet Explorer versions 7.0 and above, and Mozilla Firefox versions 3.6 and above. We do not guarantee correct running and functioning of our website if other internet browsers are used.

A program which enables viewing and printing of PDF files. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Inkjet or laser printer to print the visa application form.

Your valid national passport.

Relevant documents, required for the visa application process, depending on the duration and purpose of your trip.

Complete and extensive information (such as a list of required documents, order of document submission, photograph requirements, service prices, visa service duration etc.) can only be obtained from the diplomatic representative authority or Consular department of the Russian Federation, where you intend to apply and submit documents for the visa.

ATTENTION: If during the completion process of the form you make a pause of more than 20 minutes, your session will time out and expire. Unless you save your application number or its draft, you will have to start the completion process from the beginning.

Order of completion of the electronic visa application form:

Choose the name of the country from the drop menu titled "Country", where the diplomatic representative authority or Consular department of the Russian Federation is situated, where you intend to apply for the visa.

Choose your hints and help language from the drop menu titled "Hints and help language". These hints will explain the meaning of questions which you must complete. If you choose Russian as hints and help language then, all your answers must be in Russian, with the exception of surnames, names, addresses and names of institutions/organizations, which can be entered in English. If you have selected any language other than Russian you should answer all the questions only in English and use only Latin-alphabet characters. If your name contains any characters other than Latin (for example Ñ, É, Ü, A, O or Ç), please use the spelling of your name that appears in machine readable zone of your passport at the bottom of the biographical data page. For instance a first name and surname are spelled as «Séo Türre» on the biographical data page while in the machine readable zone they appear as «Seo Tuerre».



In order to start completing a new application form press "Complete new application". To continue completing an application, for editing, viewing or printing of a previously completed application or to create a new application based on previously submitted information press "Open previously completed application".

Write down the number of the application form, found at the top right-hand corner. This will be required to continue application completion if your session times out. In order to save a draft of your application, use the "Save draft" option.

Follow the instructions on every page of the application. Fields marked with a "*" symbol are mandatory. If during completion there are mistakes or mandatory fields are not completed, they will be highlighted and a notification of mistake will be displayed below the field. These mistakes must be corrected.

Print your visa application form using a printer. WARNING: do not save the PDF file with the application form on a computer, which has public access or is available to individuals who do not have authorisation to view or record your personal details. If you save the application form on the hard-drive of a communal or public computer, for example computers in an internet caf? or a library, other users will be able to find and access your application form.

Into your printed application, glue a 3.5x4.5cm which was taken no longer than 6 months prior to the application submission; date and sign the form. With your required documents for the visa application process, as well as your application form, apply to the diplomatic representative authority, Consular department of the Russian Federation or Russian visa application centre, in order to obtain a visa.

WARNING! Completing your electronic visa application form is only the beginning stage of your visa obtaining process. In order to be granted a visa you must submit all the required documents to the diplomatic representative authority or Consular department, which you have selected on the electronic visa application form at the very start of your completion process.

Electronic visa application form will be stored for 30 days from the moment of its last saving.

All information submitted in the application form must be correct and complete. Any false data can lead to your application being rejected or to the annulment of an already granted visa, and may also render you liable to prosecution under Russian law.

About Migration Card

According to the decree of the Russian Federation's Government No. 413 «About Migration Card», dated August 16, 2004, a foreign citizen, entering the Russian Federation, is obliged to receive and fill out the Migration Card for presenting it to an official of the Boundary Control Service, who puts the stamp about entrance to the Russian Federation after verifying the conformity of the information, indicated in the Migration Card, passport and visa.

Officials of the Boundary Control Service or representatives of the organisations, which provide transport for foreign citizens, entering the Russian Federation, give out forms of the Migration Card gratuitously to foreign citizens during their entry into Russia.

A foreign citizen keeps the Migration Card during the whole period of his stay in the Russian Federation and presents it for registration at place of his residence along with other documents.

In case if the Migration Card is damaged or lost, a foreign citizen is obliged within three days to notify the territorial office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs at place of his residence. On condition that a foreign citizen presents the documents, which served as legal ground for his entry into the Russian Federation, he is given a duplicate of the Migration Card free of charge.

While departing from the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen returns the Migration Card to an official of the Boundary Control Service at Russia's border checkpoint.