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Articles Published in Botswana Mass Media on Russian-Botswana Relations

Daily News
June 6, 2007


National Museum acting director Steven Mogotsi has expressed hope that Russian photographic exhibition “Moscow – the Heart of Russia” will pave the way for other forms of cultural exchange.

Speaking during the official opening of the exhibition in Gaborone, Mr Mogotsi said Botswana’s artists, including photographers would exchange ideas, skills and expertise and thus promote the arts among the people of the two countries.

He also hailed the exhibition, saying it brought Russia closer to Botswana to help make Batswana appreciate Russians and the state of Moscow even more.

“This exhibition is significant as it goes on to strengthen and develop cooperation in areas of cultural, scientific and education therefore, promote the friendly relations between the two countries and their people,” he said. In addition, he said the friendship between the people of Russia and Botswana was made official through the joint cooperation signed in 1999.

In view of the friendship between the two countries, he expressed hope that the cooperation would go a long way to benefit people in areas of specialized training in the fields of culture and arts. “Our artists including photographs will promote the arts among the people of the two countries. I also hope that this exhibition will pave the way for other forms of cultural exchanges,” Mr Mogotsi said.

He said in future cultural exchange should include demonstrations of films, musical and theatrical groups, film festivals and cinematographic events.

For his part, Acting Russian Ambassador Anatoly Popsuev said they had been trying a lot to preserve the history of Moscow making sure that the capital was keeping with pace of time without loosing its historical and cultural identity.

“But Moscow does reflect most of the features which are attributed to Russia as the country to the brave, hardworking and hospitable people of Russia…,” he said.

The exhibition provides one a journey through the cityscape of ultra modern and architectural buildings of Moscow and it does not only celebrate the 860 years of existence of Moscow.

It gives one a chance to have a glimpse of Moscow providing an opportunity to visit the Kremlin palaces and cathedrals.

It also gives prominence to the children of Moscow. This is in view of the Day of the African Child, which is celebrated on June 16.

Russia celebrates a version of such a day and has since declared 2007 a year of the child.

The exhibition, which opened on Monday, will close on June 17.